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Cold Case

Unidentified White Male

On June 26, 1982, a body was located in the Snake River, on the Idaho side, 25 miles south of Lewiston. The victim was a white male, age 13-20, 5'11", approximately 150 pounds, long, straight dark brown to black hair, with a 2" scar on his right ankle. The individual was shot twice; once in the left shoulder and once in the neck. Victim was wearing Britannica jeans over blue swimming trunks with red and white stripes down the sides of the trunks, white socks, and blue brief-style underwear. Eye color could not be determined and no dental work was evident in the teeth. No jewelry or identification were recovered and the body had no tattoos or distinguishing marks except for the scar on the ankle.

Ballistics proved the victim had been shot with a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson 36 Centennial Model. This particular weapon has not been manufactured since 1967.

This victim has never been identified. If anyone has information regarding the identity of this individual or the homicide, please contact the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Investigator at 208-799-3131 or e-mail the investigator. All information is confidential.

The following shows a composite picture of the unidentified individual. This is a forensic rendering and is not an exact composite of the subject.


NCIC U960002845

Doe Network Case Number 299UMID

NamUs Case Number 3041 (NamUs information is incorrect and is being updated)


Bryce Scrimsher

Bryce Scrimsher


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