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Emergency Pet Fostering

Some victims of domestic violence report staying with an abuser out of fear that their abuser will hurt the family pet.

You can leave and keep your pet safe by using a temporary foster!

Temporary emergency pet fostering is available for up to 30 days while victims of domestic violence are separating from an abusive partner.

Foster homes are screened, vetted, and confidential. Your pet will be in a safe environment while you focus on your safety and security.

For more information on emergency pet fostering, as well as resources on ending domestic violence, please contact the Lewiston YWCA at 208-743-1535 or drop by in person at 300 Main Street, Lewiston, ID 83501.

Emergency Pet Fostering Card

Animal Cruelty Unit

Animal Cruelty Unit



The Animal Cruelty Unit, which consists of multiple different local agencies, is in need of animal fosters for the Domestic Violence Shelter Program (DVSP). The program offers a confidential, safe place for a Victim of domestic violence to house their animals for up to 30 days. Domestic abusers will often abuse animals or keep a loved pet away from a Victim to gain compliance. The DVSP allows the Victim to leave the abusive household and keep the pet in a safe location while transiting to a new residence.

DVSP is funded through non-profit donations from the community. At this time, cat fosters are in the greatest demand.

If you would like to be a foster for the DVSP, please complete an application with the partnering animal rescue: With questions, please call Nick Woods at 208-799-3073.

Victim/Witness Coordinators

Victim/Witness Coordinator - Kayla D. Burke

Victim/Witness Advocate - Joel Mills



Justin Coleman

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